Story telling for restaurants and craftspeople who seek a strong sense of place and a well formed identity.  

The Process:

The person you choose to represent your work is a weighty decision. Until the customer has touched, felt or tasted your offering, your photography is often the most sensory thing that represents you and all that your have poured into your business.

Customers fall in love with the story as much as the offering so I shoot stories rather than food or product photography. A product without the soul behind it is only half the experience. The land, the place, the raw ingredients, the way you work, your team and the essence of yourself that your pour into your work; these are all as much a pull for your audience as the finished article.

My relationship with you is built on a trust of a common understanding, from one craftsperson to the other. We start with a conversation to help draw your story out of you and to understand the passion and the drive behind your business.  My background is as a hotelier, photographer and interior designer has honed my skills to understand your story from within the inside. Interiors, atmosphere and styling are also essential to create a powerful visual presence for you. Our work together will be a collaboration to bring out a strong identity that resonates with your audience.

Available for commissions by application only.

Day rate:

£990 per day of shooting inclusive of all post production work. All images prepared for high resolution printing or social media platforms.

Seasonal Stories:

£1800 for two days over taken within one year

£3500 for 4 days taken within one year


Travel will be charged at 45p per mile outside a 25mile radius of B92 0EN.

For journeys of more than 3 hours, overnight accommodation to be provided the night before or an expense of £100 added.

Spatial Design, Website and Branding:

The photos that I will produce is a handsome tool in your bag but it has to be used well. Creative direction over the whole of your visual presence needs a considered eye that often you as the founder don't have the time to bring together. Every tactile area of your business from the website before arrival, to the interiors, to the items your customer touches from menus to napkins should carry the essence of your craft. I've grown these skills as an interior designer and through my own living portfolio, Hampton Manor, a restaurant with rooms (one Michelin star, 4AA rosettes). As a hospitality founder myself, I've grown to understand that its hard to find businesses that understand the core of what you are offering as a restauranteur or hotelier and know how to represent you. And then you have to find several creative companies that not only align with you but can work with each other to meet your multiple needs. If you feel these tensions and are looking for creative direction and coherence for your whole identity from the interior design to the brand experience, please take a stroll over to my design company:

The Found. (


London College of Communication 2013 - Masters in Photojournalism and Documentary Photography

Creative Director (brand leader and interior designer) at Hampton Manor and Peel's Restaurant, 1 Michelin * (Chef Rob Palmer)

Interior Designer at Style Matters, Manchester